Welcome to Isola Fish Urk / Holland

Isola Fish, the daughter company of the fish proccesing company Gebr. Kramer in Urk, is a company with a rich history of tradition and skills passed down from father to son.  Isola Fish offers its clients a wide assortment of Frozen Fish products processed in its own production plant, from fresh caught north sea fish (especially: plaice, dover sole, turbot, flounder, brill, dabs, lemon sole, witch) to end products like, strictly graded filets natural, breaded, lightly dusted, prefried, stuffed fillets, fish specialties, and off course the traditional whole and panready fish products. In addition to our North sea fish products, multiple interesting fish products are imported from all over the world.
Our clients Isola Fish is specialized in supplying the traditional Fish and Seafood Wholesale, Food-service industry, Catering, Cash & Carry Market, retail market etc.